Dlink DSL-2640U v2 Router default Login Reset IP Username Password

When your Dlink DSL-2640U v2 router is not working correctly, it can cause connection loss and slow response time. You may also experience inconsistent performance issues. Normally the easiest solution is to Restart/reboot your router. If nothing works then you need to reset your router.  To do any stuff you need your Dlink DSL-2640U v2’s default IP and username and password.

In this article, you will learn

  1. Default logins information such as default IP, Username, and Password
  2. How to find default IP, login cardinals if you forgot it
  3. How to Reset your router using the reset button
  4. Router reset by 30-30-30 method
  5. How to find the Default WiFi Password of Dlink DSL-2640U v2.

Dlink DSL-2640U v2 Router Login Step by Step

  1. Open your internet browser (e.g. Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Opera)
  2. To access your router’s web-based user interface, type in the address bar of your browser and press enter to proceed.
    Type Your IP Here
  3. You will have two text fields where you can enter your username and password.
  4. The default username for your Dlink DSL-2640U v2 router is admin. The default password is (blank)
  5. After entering username and password hit “Enter” to log in to your control panel.

Default login IPs for your Dlink DSL-2640U v2 Router

Virtually every household in the country has at least one router. If you’re like me, and can’t remember what IP address is assigned to my Dlink DSL-2640U v2 Wi-Fi Router. Most people don’t know their router IP address. Most times you’ll find your router’s IP on the bottom or back of your router. But if you are not able to find this IP on your router or in the user manual then you can try some methods to get the router IP. You can also try Clicking Here to detect your router’s IP address.

In the list below we listed all known router IPs for the Dlink DSL-2640U v2 .

#Default Router IP

Common Username & Password combinations for Dlink DSL-2640U v2 router

The following is a list of the most popular default usernames and passwords combinations used by Dlink DSL-2640U v2 router. Sometimes our first mentioned username and pass don’t always work. Then you can try these username/password combinations below to get access to your Dlink DSL-2640U v2 wireless router.

7create in initial setupcreate in initial setup
8(blank)created in initial setup
11Adminleave blank
12adminrefer to router label
16adminSame as network key or WIFI key. Can be found on a

How to reset Dlink DSL-2640U v2 router to factory defaults

Method 1: Hard reset/By pressing the RESET button

Step 1: First, find the reset button and press it for 10 seconds before starting the process with the Router powered on. When you reset the Dlink DSL-2640U v2 router, its default password is also reset. But make sure while you press the reset button, its LED lights should blink.

Step 2: Wait until the Dlink DSL-2640U v2 router restarts, once its default username password has reset.

Method 2: Using Dlink DSL-2640U v2 Router Web Control panel

if you have access to the router control panel, you can restore to default from settings.


How to reset Dlink DSL-2640U v2 Router by 30-30-30 reset method?


You have tried both options above, but you cannot reset the Dlink DSL-2640U v2 router to the default password. Now, the 30-30-30 reset method will help you to reset the default password.

Step 1: Turn on the Dlink DSL-2640U v2 router and press the “reset button” for 30 seconds.

Step 2: After 30 seconds, unplug the router from the switch/power but keep the “reset button” pressed. Do not spare the reset button for 30 seconds more even if the Dlink DSL-2640U v2 router is off.

Step 3: Keep button press and turn on the router; while starting, keep button press for 30 seconds more.

Step 4: After 30 seconds, free the reset button, you will see the password has been reset.


How to find my default Dlink DSL-2640U v2 Router WiFi password?

default SSID and password

When you first turn on your router and set up the router you need to have access to the router. You will find the default SSID and Wifi password in the label under the router. Also, you will find the router model number on that label.

Nothing of the methods worked for me and I still do not get access to my Dlink DSL-2640U v2

If you don’t have enough information, it is obviously recommended that you should get help from a person who has all the knowledge about this topic.